Personal Injury: Cruise Ship Accidents

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Accidents can occur anywhere, even within the house or during a relaxing time, such as a vacation. Government authorities as well as legal professionals, who are very often tasked to defend the rights of victims of accidents, believe that more than a third of the millions of accidents that either injure or kill victims every year are simply due to somebody’s acts of recklessness or negligence. And, being a result of a reckless or negligent behavior, the injuries sustained are categorized as personal injuries, which merit compensation from the liable party, while the accident itself, a totally preventable tragic event.

Some of the major sources of accident-causing injuries or untimely death include vehicular accidents (cars, trucks, motorcycles), pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, animal attacks, workplace accidents, slip and fall, which also happens to be one of the common causes of injuries in cruise ship accidents.

A holiday vacation onboard a cruise liner is definitely supposed to be a perfect getaway from the stress and the monotony in everyday life. A vacation boat itself, today’s cruise ship is designed like a mini city due to its complete and modern facilities. Quite better than a city, actually, because besides providing quality entertainment and luxurious comfort at very affordable costs, all possible source of fun and excitement have been built in and on it. But while total fun is never an issue while onboard a cruise ship, authorities’ concern is centered on the safety of the passengers, especially when accident at sea strikes.

Floors becoming slippery due to sea breeze, ship fire, the ship running aground or colliding with another vessel, rogue waves or a storm, etc., can often turn a great adventure into a nightmare. Another worse scenario is that when something wrong occurs, passengers have very limited places to run to for safety.

Due to reports of different sea tragedies (and the harm these have caused passengers) during the past years the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) saw the need to enforce on all its members strict compliance with all international flag and port standards, requirements and guidelines to ensure the safety and security of each passenger. Plus, the Safe Return to Port requirement, which all cruise ships built starting 2010 should meet, has also been mandated. This requirement specifically states that the ship, despite an accident, ought to be able to carry all passengers safely back to port, and that all crew members, especially the medical personnel, should be able to skillfully handle all emergency situations.

On its website, law firm the Vucci Law Group, P.A., emphasizes the duty and responsibility of the cruise ship staff in making sure that passengers are safe from any risk of injury; this includes the presence of well-trained medical personnel to provide the medical assistance needed by any of the passengers.

The said law firm is sad to say, however, that accidents still occur and injuries are still often sustained due to the negligence of many crew members. While no crew member would definitely want a passenger to sustain an injury, being neglectful in his/her administrative duties cannot just go unpunished and without having any legal obligation to the injured. Thus, in the event of an injury, consulting with a personal injury lawyer will likely be beneficial to the injured victim.

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