How to React to a Sudden Workplace Fatality

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Every time that we end our phone calls or say goodbye to a loved one in the morning, we usually expect to see them again. No one wants to imagine the unthinkable. It’s incredibly painful when someone that we love deeply passes away unexpectedly. The shock and grief pave the way to a deeper sadness.

It hurts when someone passes from old age or terminal illness, but there is at least a buffer of sorts there, a bit of time to prepare for the inevitable. Sudden deaths give no such allowance.

The death of someone who was supposed to have more time than they were given causes so much more than sadness. It can also lead to anger and outrage.

Pointing fingers is a normal reaction when we have to deal with these tragedies. When someone dies at their place of work, many questions are raised. Questions like these, are common:

  • Why were they doing such an overtly dangerous task?
  • Who was supervising them?
  • Did they call a first-responder immediately, or wait for a minute to see if they could just get up and walk it off?

The wrong answer to any of these could have been the thing that killed the victim. Many times, employees are threatened with repercussions if they don’t do certain tasks, despite not having the proper equipment. Other times, a lazy manager might have gotten distracted and walked off instead of overseeing the task being completed.

Shock and bystander syndrome can cause people who have witnessed the accident to stand around with the expectation that somebody else will have already taken action.

None of these answers can even begin to justify a wrongful death. The family and friends of the deceased will never get an answer that is satisfactory. The best thing they can do to honor their loved one is to fight to make sure that this sort of thing never happens again.

Lawrence & Associates is a Cincinnati-based law firm specializing in wrongful death. The people mourning the death of their loved one deserve to have justice. Hiring an attorney and going after the company that caused the accident can help get that justice.

The company should be held responsible for handling a number of fees. The victim has left behind a significant amount of debt, and the people who caused the fatality should reimburse medical expenses, and the costs of the burial and funeral, as well as covering the lost financial contributions of the late family member.

It’s impossible to put a price on a loved one’s life, but compensation in a wrongful death claim also includes damages for pain and anguish, and additionally the feelings of loss that come from the victim no longer being around.

No amount of money can ever bring a person back, but the family of a person who has died as the result of their workplace’s negligent actions are entitled to some financial compensation, which can help start the healing process.

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