Bikers Should Change Their Image

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It’s perhaps the oldest stereotype in the world about bikers that they are risk takers. Sometimes they’re rebels, sometimes tough guys, and sometimes just free spirits, but it’s always assumed that the guy or girl on the bike is some sort of daredevil. Perhaps that makes Even Knievel the patron saint of the motorcycle stereotype. To non-bikers, the assumption is we’re all on our way to jump through flaming hoops and try to fly over a row of buses lined up, probably also on fire.

That isn’t really true, though. Like many groups, the stereotype really only gets at the surface of the truth. Motorcyclists are attracted to the freedom their bikes offer them, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily all swashbuckling risk takers or stuntmen waiting for an audience to perform their next daring trick.

The real truth is that motorcyclists are, on the whole, a very careful lot, who have respect for the power and the risks associated with the machines they ride. Bikers may seem carefree when they whiz by you in traffic, but they are all too aware of their speed and are focused on keeping control, often much more so than the drivers in their cars watching them pass.

This stereotype is in many ways quite harmful. It leads to bikers being blamed for accidents they didn’t cause. Did you know, for instance, that 42 percent of all motorcycle accidents happen because the driver of the other vehicle turns left without noticing the guy on the bike?

Imagine how many of those bikers were found liable just because of the stereotypes running against them.

Perhaps what we need to do is change the stereotype. As much as we all like that rebellious stereotype, we all know most bikers aren’t part of a biker gang or part of a stunt crew. Instead, most of us are professionals, parents, students, and otherwise docile and respectable members of society.

What we need is to make that at least part of the image associated with the biker. Not just a guy clad all in leather but a guy who has a business suit on underneath, a guy rushing home to get to his kid’s ball game. If more people saw that side of bikers, we might see more attentiveness to our presence on the road, and we might see fewer cases going against us when there is an accident.

One thing we can be sure of, motorcycle accidents are no joke, and it’s not worth the possibility of getting hurt just to maintain the rugged image that Hollywood and others have mocked up for us. We’re just as deserving of safety on the road as anyone else, and if people saw us more like themselves (just a little cooler), we’d be sure of getting that safety.

I personally think the tradeoff would be worth it.

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